Photography lives only when it is viewed.

When approaching Bartek's paintings, I am still convinced that the dialogue is conducted through a shout. Despite their starkness and exceptional design simplicity, photographs still affect people and the problems they face when building their identity. They are filled with references to places and time spent in solitude, necessary for trying to understand the meaning of life as well as humanity’s place in the space that it’s been given. Observations of the landscape, filled with light, often before sunrise, reveal the singular atmosphere of a unique interconnection of lines, planes, laced with fog and swathed by a light wind, and in this, our thoughts and feelings, resulting from sensitivity and experience. The necessity of reaching out to other people with such images is relentless. Most importantly it will result in the transformation of the viewers, as it comes from the enormous power of peace, order and depth of the human heart, overflowing on to a flat sheet of photosensitive paper. Though not easy, there is no turning back from the necessary steps in giving up what is mine, in favour of what is ours. It's the second decade of the twenty-first century, there are almost no limits in how to reach hundreds, thousands or even millions of recipient through each of our spaces of consciousness. We are ready for it, just as ready and perfect as the works of Bartek.

Karol Mroziewski
Bartłomiej Jaśko
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