Happy are those who have taught their children to enjoy small things.
One of the greatest pleasures in life is the ability to understand, agree with and talk to people. This leads to the obvious statement that there is still a possibility that we will learn something from them as well as get to know each other. Photography, during the dynamic development of information technology, has opened up new areas of functionality. The use of a new means of expression and language. This is something the recipients must also learn. This provides the opportunity for unity. In its multidimensionality. Photographs of Ani, imbued with absolute love towards her own children have a very strong influence. Although their construction is based on the minimum building means, to say the word love, I love, embrace and care, is a message that is extremely powerful and poignant. The most important time in a person's life are the first moments when a relationship is created between mother and child. When, during this relationship, nothing is disturbed and there is a record of places and situations, looks and statements, when one feels the greatest safety, care and protection. It is these that make us stare at the images, surprised that you can love so much and try not to lose anything from the passage of time. From the time of our childhood.

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